Thank You Namjem ,your efforts are very much appreciated
- Rahul Kumar

Great team ,fast response.
- Maria sanchez

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Namjem is a human resource consultancy principally involved in sourcing and placing of professional skilled human capital.Our core focus are the fast developing countries of the Middle East and South East Asia.
The oil-producing nations in the Middle East region have amassed huge fortunes over the years due to the world's ever increasing thirst for oil.Now with large hoardes of capital they are most eager to develop their economies to rival the world's top nations.This has created a very large and critical need for skilled manpower from all industries.
Over 70% of all professional appointments are held by foreign nationals in the Middle East and contrary to popular believe,they are very open to foreigners working there.Salaries are paid in USD and are completely tax-free.
The same hold true for the booming tiger economies South East Asia (ASEAN), for years the countries in the region functioned largely as manufacturing bases.Now, as the corporate world move their operations to China, ASEAN nations face a critical need to redefine the engines of their nations' economies.They have to change from a manufacturing-driven economy to a knowledge-led one.As a result of the development there is critical need for a knowledge workforce.Candidiates with training in Medical Research,Software ,Biotechnology,Project Management,Engineering are all high in demand.We have clients with urgent needs for capable manpower of various industries ranging from Information Technology to Hospitality.


If you are qualified or have experience in ANY industry, Get in touch with us immediately. We might just have the exact position for you.